Monthly Archives: May 2005


An update to WordPresss.. Wheeee!

I love it when a new update is announced..It means more bug-fixes and more features. And the new version of WP does not disappoint. It has quite a few bug-fixes and changes. The most immediate noticeable change for me was the colorisation of the activated plugins as I activated them one by one after the upgrade. Makes a lot more easier to identify which are in use and which are lying around unused :-D

Apart from that, I managed to install a lot of cool plugins and update my blog’s look and feel quite a bit. One of the most noticeable changes is the weather updates of my city and an option to allow the viewer to choose a theme to suit to their liking.

Other subtle changes is a date on-hover time modified display (Hover over the date of the entry posting to see) and a insta-comment preview.

I have quite a bit of other plugins lined up too. Will get them online in the next two days or so ;-)


All of us have just about had it with Microsoft. Their products suck, period. For our project, we have been trying to install SQL Server, Sharepoint, all M$ s/w. But there is some problem with our boxes cos they just do not want to communicate with each other. It keeps giving some or the other problem due to which we were not able to access each other across.

The guy in the company who was helping us was pretty frustrated too cos he himself with all his experience could not figure out what the problem was. It wasn’t his fault either. It was just that we were/are using M$ products :-(

However, he finally managed to make them work and communicate across and we got the sharepoint server installation done too. Now we need to get to the meat of the project and get done with it. The deadline approaches at a fast pace :-(

Google – Good or evil

I came across this article today which overviews Google Inc. practices and their motives. It is just some comments and views by someone whom I don’t know but agree quite a bit.

Think Before You Worship

An interesting and a pretty good read.

Prankster – Who me?

This is one of the most awesome pranks that I have ever played on anyone.

I recently changed my Y! id to a new one but still retain the existing one. Now the prank idea came when I was chatting with a friend of mine on Y! and I rememberd a utility which allows me to start two instances of Y! which is normally not possible.

Now I started chatting with her through both the ids pretending in the old Id to be me and denying that it was me who was using that Id. I pretended that it must have been hijacked since I was not using it anymore. What made it even more plausible was that she did not know about the hack which allows multiple instances of Y!. I said check for yourself and see if you can indeed start the multiple instances.

College Fest

We had the college fest today. It started of quite well in my view. Decent crowd, a local RJ, Darius to judge some events and the usual bustle associated with a fest. I headed directly for the comp labs where the Gaming event, my favorite ;-) was to be held. The set up was not complete as the games for the event were framing a bit. I helped for a bit, not really interested much in it tho since I was the one who had organised it earlier and wanted to let this year’s organiser, Vinod, a friend of mine do it himself. But I did tell him some ways to improve the performance and then soon left to check out the other events and happenings.

A mini Disaster

Last night was a bad one. It had rained earlier in the evening and in India, power cuts and rain come side by side. So as usual, late in the night, the power failed. But unfotunately for a family which lives on the floor above ours, they got stuck inside the elevator which stopped between the floors. And the worst part is that they had a small kid with them in the darkness which made the situation even more worse.

They sounded the alarm which I heard but did not respond to since the alarm has a history of souding without a cause. But I got a little alarmed when he banged the elevator entrance and I realized it was not a false alarm but an actual emergency. I tried opening the door by force but the damn thing wouldn’t open. Then I ran to the security and got them to get the manual opener and force the door open.

Man that was a bad situation for the family and they were very relieved to be out. I hope the management does something about the backup power. :-(

Me vs Girls

I have had it with girls. This time it is them who do not seem to understand me. Well its like this. I am a guy who usually pulls his friends legs, irrespective of who it is. But I also usually make it a point that I tell ppl that I am usually joking unless I explicitly say I am serious.

Now recently I was on chat with a girl over IM and was just joking as usual. I even made it a point that I used all sorts of smileys to ensure it conveys I was joking. It seems she still took offence and has been frosty since.

And this is not the first time. Makes me think that it must be me who is doing something wrong. Well I am just about ready to dump it all and block all the girls over IM. And I have taken a new resolution to never try and be funny with girls again if it makes any difference to anyone reading this :-(


My mom who had been out of station for the past month is finally back. Yippee.. I missed her :-)
The house will be more welcoming now that she is back.