An update to WordPresss.. Wheeee!

I love it when a new update is announced..It means more bug-fixes and more features. And the new version of WP does not disappoint. It has quite a few bug-fixes and changes. The most immediate noticeable change for me was the colorisation of the activated plugins as I activated them one by one after the upgrade. Makes a lot more easier to identify which are in use and which are lying around unused :-D

Apart from that, I managed to install a lot of cool plugins and update my blog’s look and feel quite a bit. One of the most noticeable changes is the weather updates of my city and an option to allow the viewer to choose a theme to suit to their liking.

Other subtle changes is a date on-hover time modified display (Hover over the date of the entry posting to see) and a insta-comment preview.

I have quite a bit of other plugins lined up too. Will get them online in the next two days or so ;-)


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  2. TreeFrog February 22, 2006

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