Monthly Archives: April 2005


Weeeelll Today was something…

Had a test for which, as usual I had not studied. Tried to study in the morning an hour before the test but was not in the mood to. Almost ditched it but wrote it just for the heck of having gone all the way till college. Well it turned out to be better than I expected. Could answer the required 5 questions and managed to get the marks I wanted( which is max ;-) )

After that had a birthday party. A friend of Mine.. Happy B’day Ash :-)
Had gone to Pizza hut. Lots of fun, food and jokes. Good time. Only thing is that it prolly was the last time that we would be going out as a group as all of us will soon be graduating and going our own ways.

Oh.. well lets see what happens in the future.

Company Annual day

Well today was the 1st anniversary of the company where I am doing my project – UGSI. There was celebrations and cultural programs(Dancing and singing), dart, face painting, caricature making … The usual routine. It was also the launch of the e-zine of the company’s software development group which was developed by us. And I must admit, it was no small task getting it completed with all the various inputs and objections. But we did it. Finally!

And today was the launch. It was the first event. Then there was a video presentation of the launching of UGSI and how it came to be what it is now. Then there was a few dance programs by kids of the various staff there.

There was also a music performance by the inhouse band who call themselves the “96 hours”. The name cos the band was formed 3 days back(96 hrs) and so on..

We also had a surprise waiting for us in the function in the form of a gift voucher from Landmark for our effort put in the e-zine. It was totally unexpected but then real nice as well. I did not stay long in the function as Dad was alone and so left early.

Nice day on the whole though :-)