Daily Archives: May 12, 2005

The Next step

I am thinking of starting a photoblog too. I think I will use a photoblog suite called PixelPost, considered one of the best photoblog tools. Only trouble is, it requires a DB and I am not sure I want to risk using the WP(WordPress), that is my current blog’s DB just in the case that PixelPost decides it should be cleaned of all data and started afresh.

I tried making a backup of the DB but could not get /phpmyadmin/ to get to work. I even sent a support request to my hosting providers Symonds.Net and he tried to be helpful but only told me what I already know. So I sent him a mail asking him to do the backup and send it to me via e-mail. He is yet to respond but I guess that is due to it probably being night in the US where I assume they are located. I hope he replies by tomorrow so I can start photo-blogging :-D


I can be stubborn as hell. All my friends know it and I proved it again :-D
My friend who comes back with me from office was at it again trying to get on my nerves. He was constantly instructing me how to ride my bike and what to do and what not to do.

This got me irritated and I did what I usually do when someone comments negatively on my riding. I slowed down :twisted: For about 4-5 kms to my place, I drove at a painful speed of 20kph. And trust me when I say this, compared to my normal speed, that _is_ slow. My avg speed, even in the city is atleast about 50-55 kph.

He pretended not to let it affect him initially, but it finally got to him. He said, pls go faster, and I reply, accept your fault and give me your word that you will not comment on my riding again . He said no way. So slowly we crawled back home.

This was not the first time that I had done so. Even earlier, with my mom and again once with my dad. One thing that I cannot stand is back seat driving. And you do it and you pay :twisted:

Mistaken Identity

This is the second time and it is getting weird. Today, I was chatting with an online friend and she realized that I am not who she thought I am. It was due to my Y! id, which partly was similar to a chat friend she has in IRC.

And this is not the first time that it is happening with me. Earlier too, another friend of mine mistook me over Y! for someone else and chatted with me for almost a month thinking I was someone else. Hmm.. I think it is me and Y! which are incompatible :neutral: I should give it up I guess…

Anyway atleast this time the mistaken identity lasted only a couple of days before it was realized :grin: