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A big change.. For me..

For now, that is all…

links for 2009-06-24

A day without a cell phone

Oh more than a day.. I went without my cell for a week. And it was quite a good experience. No calls to disturb, no spam, just free..

I want to repeat that sometime soon again.. Perhaps soon

Books I started and never finished

I don't know. Never got around to finishing it. It started getting deep into religion and philosophy and so I sort of tuned it out.

That is one of the very few books that I've started and never finished.

Another is Atlas Shrugged. BOring book. Could not get past 50 pages of the book.

But I guess the worst was Catch 22. Could not get past even half a page. Does that even count as starting? ;)

Elijah Wood Hilarious Music Video

Elijah wood of LoTR fame is featured in this music video. While the song is nice, the video itself is surreal with Wood and others doing a weird little dance with a straight face :D

How The Day Sounds from Miky Wolf on Vimeo.

My road-trip mix tape

Wherever I may roam by Metallica

It is about wanderings, about being free and being at home (not pun intended ;) ) doing it

Wanderlust by Megadeth

It is about wandering and the need, the feel to wander


Felipe Massa Spray
Image by Paul Genge via Flickr

Felipe Massa just lost the Formula 1 World Drivers Championship in the last 5 seconds of the last lap of the last race of 2008. And all due to another driver.

What a heartbreak. Now Lamilton is going to be insufferable. Even more than he is!

Augh.. But Vettel is my new hero. And Kubica too for his last lap stunt.

I was praying so hard for Vettel to not slip and not give up his position. And the entire last lap, my heart was beating as if I’d just run a race. I actually measured it too D:

Brilliantly dark – Movie Review: The Dark Knight

Poster for the movie The Dark Knight
Some people are going to go watch The Dark Knight at 3 AM in the morning. Not me cos I just finished watching it. :D
My thoughts on The Dark Knight below (Warning: Definite spoilers)