Daily Archives: May 1, 2005

Guys vs Girls

One thing that I have noticed with a lot of girls whom I know and have spoken to over the phone or chatted over IM is that they all use a common phrase “so what else” to continue a conversation. Personally I find this phrase very very irritating. It almost makes me want to clam up. My reasoning is this – If I have something else to tell I will say it out. Do not try to continue the conversation by saying that.

Now guys, it is different. If two guys are speaking or chatting, it is limited to how much is to be spoken or conveyed and once done will be the end of the conversation. Both will go silent or disconnect as the case may be. It is such a simple scheme and easy to manage. With girls you would have come up with filler conversation so as not to seem rude.

Another of life’s little mysteries :-D