Daily Archives: May 22, 2005

A good day after many

I had a good day after quite a many days. My cousin has come down and was with him the entire evening.

Once I left college, I was home for sometime before going over to meet my cousin. He was like lets go out, lets go out. So we went out but the damn dude could not decide where he wanted to go or what he wanted to do.

Draft report submission

But first, Morning I had our draft report submission. We were not completely ready as one of the guys who was supposed to complete the report index (You would not now how long an index a 100 page report can make:wink: ) never mailed it to us and was ex-communicando in the morning. So we went in for the submission without that.

Now once we were in college, there was someone else giving a demo of their project so we had to wait a pretty much long time. And gawd… was it hot. I was getting frustrated having to wait there in the heat. Well we finally got a system with a cd-rom drive and got the lecturer to sit with us long enough to explain the report. It was sorta fun. We BSed quite a bit but managed to convince him that our project was quite cool :-D

Now all we need is the external guide’s approval and we are home free literally.

Then we all waited in the college just chatting before everyone decided to leave.