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Off I go then..

Its 0330hrs here and I was supposed to get up at 4.. So I dont think I am gonna sleep now ;-)

Anyway, My sister’s wedding is next week, and I will be leaving for the wedding. I will most probably not have internet access and if I do, not enough time to browse and ramble here :-(

But, I will try.. Anyways, I’ll be off and be back in a few days..

I am a statistic

Take the MIT Weblog Survey

This is a general social survey of the greater weblog community being conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Our goal is to help understand the way that weblogs are affecting the way we communicate with each other. Specifically we are interested in issues of demographics, communication behaviors, experience with weblogs and other technology, and the meaning of various types of social links within the blogosphere.

This is a research project of an MIT graduate. It is a very simple survey and should not take much time. Go ahead and check it out.

Registrations now open :P

There was an option where regular visitors could log in to the blog and post as registered users. I have enabled registrations but have not really messed around with the other options due to a lack of time ;)

Pls let me know what difference it makes to you.

Job Interview

Had a job interview today in an organization called Applibase

Gawd awful day

Whatta day :shock:

One day I wake up early and so much happens. Not one thing happened right with me today.

Yesterday I was informed that there would be a recruitment test of freshers in our coll by one of my friends. But apparantely she had misheard and it wasn’t for us. One down , next :arrow:

I was then supposed to go for seeking admission for the daughter of one my dad’s friend. I get there and the college ppl tell me that admission is possible but tomorrow is the last day. So I relay the same info to my dad’s friend who says he will talk to her and get back to me. I wait for like half an hour without him calling (And I did not want to risk calling since I already had a low battery warning). But finally getting tired of waiting, I called when he told me that they will skip it and try in Delhi. Humph.. Why make me wait there then? :neutral:

Two down, next.. I next went to my regular computer dealer since I wanted to exchange my 256MB flash drive for a 512MB one. But getting there I found out that it costs almost double more in the exchange than what I had anticipated. So that plan was out.

Finally I went to the tailor who was supposed to have stitched my dress for my sis’ wedding by last week but he tells me that it is not yet ready. God.. Could it get worse?

Yes it could! As I was returning from the tailor’s, while almost reaching a signal, the light changed from green to red. So natually I stopped (albeit a tad too fast) But an autorickshaw driver had other plans it seems. He wanted to squeeze through before the other side started across the signal. So he did not brake. But when I braked, since he was right behind me, he was kinda forced. Well he hit me.. Or rather my bike but thankfully he had slowed down enough to not cause any damage or I would have been in the hospital right now.

It just kept getting worse didn’t it? Lets see how the rest of the day goes ;)


I have recently installed an ultra cool plugin which allows me to view recent stats for my blog. It is called shortstats.

It is real cool plug which allows me to see which country my viewers are from, what is their OS, browser etc.. Now dont get alarmed.. I dont collect the info but only view it to know where you all are from!

I was surprised, pleasantly at that seeing the demographics of the viewers.. India, Lithuania, France, US, Aus, Afganistan etc.. I only wish you ppl would leave a comment so I know who you are.. Again only out of curiosity thats all :-)

Thanks to all of you viewers

China, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Spain and New Zealand :-)


Well almost ;-)

Sorry for the caps but I am all excited and happy. I gave the last exam ever for my engineering course and am now gonna become an engineer soon. This means end to all the studies(At least for sometime) So I am freeeeee :-)



Things are getting quite hectic. Have to do lots of work for my sister’s marriage which is coming up soon. I have been busy preparing invitations for the past two days. Yesterday, called two of my friends over to help out and we sat for about 6 hrs straight doing them :-O

Today was very hectic too. Early in the morning (about 1230 or so) to take me for shopping for my sister’s wedding. BOring work and tiring too.

By the time we finished it, my dad called and asked me to rush to cunningham rd to pick up some papers. From there it was destination dad’s office. Then I rushed home to get some forms filled by my sis which were to be mailed to my bro-in-law. Once that was done, I had to go to my cell phone providers office cos they had overcharged my dad the last 3 months and were making it a pain to correct the bill over the phone. I finally made my way back home tired and busted :(