A mini Disaster

Last night was a bad one. It had rained earlier in the evening and in India, power cuts and rain come side by side. So as usual, late in the night, the power failed. But unfotunately for a family which lives on the floor above ours, they got stuck inside the elevator which stopped between the floors. And the worst part is that they had a small kid with them in the darkness which made the situation even more worse.

They sounded the alarm which I heard but did not respond to since the alarm has a history of souding without a cause. But I got a little alarmed when he banged the elevator entrance and I realized it was not a false alarm but an actual emergency. I tried opening the door by force but the damn thing wouldn’t open. Then I ran to the security and got them to get the manual opener and force the door open.

Man that was a bad situation for the family and they were very relieved to be out. I hope the management does something about the backup power. :-(

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