Daily Archives: May 4, 2005

Me vs Girls

I have had it with girls. This time it is them who do not seem to understand me. Well its like this. I am a guy who usually pulls his friends legs, irrespective of who it is. But I also usually make it a point that I tell ppl that I am usually joking unless I explicitly say I am serious.

Now recently I was on chat with a girl over IM and was just joking as usual. I even made it a point that I used all sorts of smileys to ensure it conveys I was joking. It seems she still took offence and has been frosty since.

And this is not the first time. Makes me think that it must be me who is doing something wrong. Well I am just about ready to dump it all and block all the girls over IM. And I have taken a new resolution to never try and be funny with girls again if it makes any difference to anyone reading this :-(