Prankster – Who me?

This is one of the most awesome pranks that I have ever played on anyone.

I recently changed my Y! id to a new one but still retain the existing one. Now the prank idea came when I was chatting with a friend of mine on Y! and I rememberd a utility which allows me to start two instances of Y! which is normally not possible.

Now I started chatting with her through both the ids pretending in the old Id to be me and denying that it was me who was using that Id. I pretended that it must have been hijacked since I was not using it anymore. What made it even more plausible was that she did not know about the hack which allows multiple instances of Y!. I said check for yourself and see if you can indeed start the multiple instances.

I even got my friend AL to vouch that he did not see my old id online.

I continued with the old id and tried to make it look like it was me but not me. As in an imposter. This drove my friend nuts and she was so confused and furious with the “impersonator” And here I was literally laughing my head off.

Anyways, I continued the prank for about 2 1/2 weeks before finally confessing to her last friday. The look on her face was to be seen and it was awesome. I never had so much fun playing a prank like. :-D



  1. Srinidhi May 9, 2005

    I now abt this.It was a very good prank actually.I wont forget the expression on her face when she came to know abt it.:)

  2. Charishma May 9, 2005

    yes, no one will forget the expression on her face, n she will never forget the prank!

  3. AJ May 10, 2005


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