College Fest

We had the college fest today. It started of quite well in my view. Decent crowd, a local RJ, Darius to judge some events and the usual bustle associated with a fest. I headed directly for the comp labs where the Gaming event, my favorite ;-) was to be held. The set up was not complete as the games for the event were framing a bit. I helped for a bit, not really interested much in it tho since I was the one who had organised it earlier and wanted to let this year’s organiser, Vinod, a friend of mine do it himself. But I did tell him some ways to improve the performance and then soon left to check out the other events and happenings.

Soon my other friends came along and was roaming around with them checking out the fest. One surprise was an old friend and senior Anuroop dropped by out of nowhere :-) It was nice to see him again and very good surprise at that. Well we participated in a couple of events(Quiz, gaming and Dumb Charades) I got jacked in gaming and lost out in quiz but we got through in DC to the finals.

Another couple of friends of mine got through to the finals of quiz. So we were hanging around waiting for our respective finals. In the meantime, we went to watch an event called Mad Ads where the participants have to try to sell a product in a humorous way(for lack of a better word) The first one was kinda bearable but the next one was downright cheap making sick fun of religion and race. I was so disgusted, I just left and went to watch the finals of Quiz which was about to start.

That turned out to be another big mistake. The finals were supposed to start at 2:30 pm and by the time I went there at avout 2:45, the finals had not started. Why? Cos the organisers had not set up the hall and the equipment. All the audience and the participants were made to stand outside the hall in the hot sun. The finals then “finally” started and we the audience were utterly amazed by the quizmaster’s presence or the lack of it. He could hardly speak in an engaging tone to interest the audience. It was more like he was reading out of a boring economics book. That was the first two rounds. In the next couple of rounds came his co-host who was better in the manner of speaking on the stage but had no idea of the questions or the answers.

One incident was particularly funny. One of the questions posed to the finalists had “Forrest Gump” as its answer which none of them could answer. So someone from the audience answerd. And when the host repeated the answer, she said it as “Forrest Dump” which was hilarious and had everyone there in splits. To top her gaffe, she did not realise it until someone from the audience clarified it for her and even then she had to check her card to confirm. We were shocked by the utter ignorance of the host with regard to the quiz question and answers.

Finally the last round of quizzing started which was a rapidfire round. This was another shocker. The quizmaste chose to sit through the entire rounds while asking the questions. Why he did that was beyond us, but what was also shocking was that he had to look into his sheet each time the participant gave an answer to check if it was right.

In the end, the quiz final turned out to be a big let-down.

I have lots to say on the Dumb Charades final which I was participating in.. But I will leave that for the next post as this has become too long to read as it is :-D


  1. Srinidhi May 9, 2005

    I was there when it happened.Our previous fest was better that this.This fest was a complete fiasco,especially quiz and DC.

    But actually the quizmaster said “Forrest Bump” and not “Forrest Dump.” :)

  2. AJ May 10, 2005

    Dump Bump.. Same difference :P

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