Monthly Archives: August 2005

Google Talk – First impression – Nothing special about it

Okay, on first use of the Google Talk IM client, it gives a nice clean interface with none of the clutter of Yahoo Messenger or the MSN messenger. You can send text messages or call them at the click of a button. A mouse button that is! ;-)

Well that’s where the positive points end. The client is extremely barebones. No frills and alike. It does not even support emoticons/smileys which everyone else is so used to. The write box in IM message windows is not resizable and provides only a single line of typing.

It does not support invisible mode when you want to be logged in to the network but do not want to be available to others.

Though Google Talk is supposed to be supported by all open source IM clients, there is a catch. You cannot use voice chatting with any of the client except the official Google client. And very conviniently, google has skipped releasing clients for Linux and the MacOS. So if you want to use Google Talk, chat with your friends, first purchase MS windows and use the official google client. Quite an expensive talk I would say ;-)

On the whole, summarising it, there is nothing breakthrough in the Google Talk client. Infact it is sorely lacking in features and completely ignores non-windows users. I feel the release was a rush job by google and they only wanted to release the application for the sake of releasing a new product and nothing more. Atleast till more features are available, I will not be using google talk and will be available only on my favorite Yahoo Messenger :-D

Friends – Used to be

Today is the birthday of the girl who used to be one of my closest friends but she does not speak to me anymore. We had a disagreement on something and did not speak for a few days.:-( But those few days, it turns out last till this moment and does not seem, will end. I am feeling very bad and down. I miss her :-(

It is also the birthday of another of my friends who I had a fight with and am not on speaking terms anymore. I miss her too. I wish I could talk to them again but my ego prevents me from doing it.

I guess I’ll just go and lie in my misery..

Google : Taking over the Web?

Google has just released it’s newest product, the Google IM client, christened Google Talk. It is supposedly based on the Jabber instant messaging protocol and can be used with other IM clients like Aim, Y! and MSN Messenger.

Beware – IE security vulnerability

Just follow these steps here in the order :-

1) Copy “any” text on to your clipboard

2) Click the following Link:

Server troubles

I was pissed yesterday. The blog database, which is intrinsic to the blog was not accessible for whole of yesterday (my time).

I get up yesterday morning and access the site and I am given a nice little error page by WordPress which states that the database is not accessible and I should check my username and password.

I contact the hosting service ( who replies that they have changed the server and that DNS changes take time to propagate. Bah.. He said things should be fine in about 2 hrs. I waited. And I waited some more while the blog was still not accessible.

I shot off a mail again and he replies that it’s *my* ISP’s fault since they are not flushing their DNS cache and updating them.

So I waited. Then it struck me that the god darn server was accessible but only the database was not which would be local for the blog and hence DNS issues dont even come into the picture.

I immediately sent him a mail telling this and he realised it about the same time too. So he manually went into the server and fixed the issue. It seems the DB package was broken after the upgrade in which some DB authentication always failed. Humph.. So much for DNS trouble.

WordPress 1.5.2

I just upgraded to WordPress 1.5.2. It seems to have broken some things on the blog. Comments submission now leads to a blank page instead of returning to the post page.

Some of my plugins seem to have been broken too. They are not functionining correctly. I’ll have to sit through the plugins and sort them out. Arghh..

Rakshabhandan, Cold etc

Today is Rakshabhandan in which sister’s tie a thread on their brother’s wrists and the brother in turn pledges to protect her from any harm that might befall her. It is quite an important festival for us, for which my sister has come down here.

It also includes her first visit home after her wedding. Mom is very happy and spend the whole days with her.

My cold is worse now. It has turned into a throat infection too and my entire body hurts. I am thankful that today is a holiday otherwise I would never have been able to go to the office today.

And my back account is finally active. My first salary cheque was credit to the account yesterday so I can go and splurge now ;-)

General Rants and ravings

I got wet again today. It’s very frustrating. Just due to the rain, I am seriously considering ditching my bike and using some other means of transport :cry:

I think I am coming down with a cold. Scratch that. I _am_ down with a cold. My nose is getting blocked by the minute and my body is paining. :shock:

And my comp is being difficult. I wont boot my profile correctly all the time. It just freezes sometimes when I select my profile and I have to do a cold boot to start up windoze again.

I think I will go to sleep early today