Beware – IE security vulnerability

Just follow these steps here in the order :-

1) Copy “any” text on to your clipboard

2) Click the following Link:

Test the vulnerability

3) You will be able to see the text you copied on the Screen.

NOTE: If you are using to save PASSWORDS / Cr. Card#s / IMP Info in clip-board Read carefully…

Do not keep sensitive data in the clipboard while surfing the web. It is a single line code to extract the text stored in the clipboard to steal your sensitive information.


This is not visible in Mozillla Firefox/Opera but is blatant in Microsoft Internet Explorer

Looks like its a “feature” supported by IE
Thankfully someone at Microsoft had the brains to add an option to disable it, but apparently not enough to disable it by default:

Go to Tools > Internet Options > Security.
Select Internet and click Custom Level.
Under Scripting, change “Allow paste operations via script” to ‘disable’ or ‘prompt’.

As proven once again, use Mozilla Firefox for better, safer and faster browsing. Go firefox today

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