Google Talk – First impression – Nothing special about it

Okay, on first use of the Google Talk IM client, it gives a nice clean interface with none of the clutter of Yahoo Messenger or the MSN messenger. You can send text messages or call them at the click of a button. A mouse button that is! ;-)

Well that’s where the positive points end. The client is extremely barebones. No frills and alike. It does not even support emoticons/smileys which everyone else is so used to. The write box in IM message windows is not resizable and provides only a single line of typing.

It does not support invisible mode when you want to be logged in to the network but do not want to be available to others.

Though Google Talk is supposed to be supported by all open source IM clients, there is a catch. You cannot use voice chatting with any of the client except the official Google client. And very conviniently, google has skipped releasing clients for Linux and the MacOS. So if you want to use Google Talk, chat with your friends, first purchase MS windows and use the official google client. Quite an expensive talk I would say ;-)

On the whole, summarising it, there is nothing breakthrough in the Google Talk client. Infact it is sorely lacking in features and completely ignores non-windows users. I feel the release was a rush job by google and they only wanted to release the application for the sake of releasing a new product and nothing more. Atleast till more features are available, I will not be using google talk and will be available only on my favorite Yahoo Messenger :-D


  1. blueskelton August 30, 2005

    they ll vamp it into something special those google boys always do

  2. greywulf August 30, 2005

    Yah, it’s very, very barebones right now. I think they wanted to just get something out Real Quick and gauge user feedback before they started bolting on stuff folks didn’t really want.

    On Linux gaim works just fine for the IM part though, which is nice. I would like to see an official client too though.

  3. AJ August 31, 2005

    Indeed. As I would expect, they will polish it and refine it more as the days go. I have no doubts about that ;-)

    But that said, I would have preferred if they had delayed the release letting the rumors mill around while they improved the user interface. Yahoo messenger provides voice based chatting too and I currently mostly use Skype which is much nicer.

    So until the G-Talk interface is improved and support for other operating systems such as Linux, I will probablt not be even starting the application up :-(

  4. Christopher Trottier September 1, 2005

    It just needs time to evolve.

  5. Hiddenson September 1, 2005

    You may want to consider Trillian. It’s a very good client, offering the ability to connect to most networks simultaneously. It has text, voice and webcam capabilities, as well as resizable windows, chat lines and tabbed conversations.

    It is now my client of choice, so I felt like sharing the love :wink:

  6. ticklebug September 1, 2005

    Yahoo is a fav for me as well. :grin:

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