Monthly Archives: July 2005

Microsoft Windows = Bloatware

This is a very interesting which shows users how to run a very barebones instance of Microsoft Windows operting system. You run with only two services. But you can still surf the internet and do some other stuff.

Now I gotta try and see if I can play games on it. With most of my system memory available entirely for the game ;-)

The article is available here
Mark’s Sysinternals Blog: Running Windows with No Services

Bangalore on the path of self – destruction

Bangalore is going down the wrong road. The city is losing it charm and appeal that was once it’s pride. With the recent explosion in it’s growth and the huge numbers of vehicles hitting it’s roads, it is getting extremely congested.

The distance which would earlier

First post of sorts

It’s really been awefully long since I last posted. What was to be a small break turned out to be awfully long. And even on returning back home, I havent been able to find time to post something here.

However, I have now decided to make sometime for my personal stuff and should be able to post regularly again.
Lets see how it all pans out.

Loooong absence

I have been in Delhi for about 5 days now. The wedding went off beautifully without any major hitches. No problems except the high humidity levels in the city. But we managed. Sis is quite happy and doing well. She will be coming to Delhi next weekend and so I might be able to meet her. Provided I get permission from the company to join a bit late ;)

One more point, cyber-cafes are freaking expensive. The one I use seems to be gobbling up my cash for hardly any online time :(

Wanna get back home soon.