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Colour Perceptions: This is the most amazing optical effect in the world

eChalk colour perception: This is the most amazing optical effect in the world

All I can say is Whoa!! That is unreal. You really must check it out and see the difference to the color an object by other surrounding objects. Once you check it out, I am sure you are gonna go

Whoa.. This is freaky ;-)

Political quote?

No matter what your politics are, you have to admit that this is hilarious!
Quote from:

Chris Rock
“You know the world is going crazy when the best rapper is a white guy, the
best golfer is a black guy, and the tallest guy in the NBA is Chinese. The
Swiss hold the America’s Cup, France is accusing the US of arrogance,
Germany doesn’t want to go to war, and the three most powerful men in
America are named ‘Bush’, ‘Dick’, and ‘Colon’. Need I say more?”

Google Blog Search

Google Blog Search allows you to search for blogs about your favorite topics. Works quite well though search relevance can be tweaked ;-)

Friends Character twin

You scored as Chandler. C^H^A^N^D^L^E^R













Which "Friends" charecter is your twin?
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Ipod Nano

Ipod NanoApple has launched the IPod Nano, a new mini Ipod player which is based on solid state flash memory. It comes with 2 and 4 GB capacities with each capacity coming in black and white colors making a total of four models. It also has the awesome click wheel which is ultra touch sensitive and insanely fun to use.

It has the color screen using which you can also use the nano as a digital photo album. A smaller IPod photo.

And it’s dimensions are even more sleek. It is smaller than an average playing card and thinner than a regular wood pencil. Now is that nano or what :-D

Along with the new IPod release, Apple has also unveiled the Motorola ROKR the first phone with Itunes in it. It usually ships with 512 MB or flash card which can store about 100 songs. So more good news for those require integrated phone cum music player.

Note: Image courtesy Apple Inc

Rising fuel prices

Well it finally happened. What was being resisted for long by the government and being postponed for quite sometime has happened. The price of petrol (Gasoline for those of you from the US :-P ) and diesel has been increased. In Bangalore, where I live, it is now INR 50.30 per litre of petrol. That would be more than $1 per litre.

Now I know it was inevitable but this is becoming insanely expensive. And to beat, I ride a bike which gives a much better mileage than cars. Recently a few cartoons have been doing the rounds on the internet where they mock the rise in fuel costs showing ppl taking loans to purchase a tank of fuel and the like. I used to laugh at ’em thinking what doomsday preachers. But it seems they were right for a change. At the rate the prices are increasing, it might soon become a reality.

And with no real mass market of alternate fuel vehicles, I am really unsure what the future holds in terms of transportation means. :-(

Broadband heaven

It’s been quite sometime since I posted but I have been soo busy lately that I have not had the time to post. But I’ll be trying to do it more often henceforth.

So I finally got a real broadband internet connection.