Friends – Used to be

Today is the birthday of the girl who used to be one of my closest friends but she does not speak to me anymore. We had a disagreement on something and did not speak for a few days.:-( But those few days, it turns out last till this moment and does not seem, will end. I am feeling very bad and down. I miss her :-(

It is also the birthday of another of my friends who I had a fight with and am not on speaking terms anymore. I miss her too. I wish I could talk to them again but my ego prevents me from doing it.

I guess I’ll just go and lie in my misery..


  1. Sparkling August 25, 2005

    Say it with flowers.

  2. AJ August 25, 2005

    I wish I could. But I dont have any contact with either of them. The first one is getting married soon and the second one I dont know where she lives :-(

  3. Chandru August 29, 2005

    Just say Happy birthday and u that u miss them ie if u hv their email or ph. Pal, good frnds are hard to come by.

  4. priya September 7, 2005

    yeah, i understand… been there, done that… but it wont be so bad once you’ve taken the first big step.. you wont regret it.

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