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I started using my Ipod yesterday but trouble struck at the second step. The installation, though a tad bit slow, completed smoothely. ITunes recognised my prized possesion :-D and gave me access to copy songs to it. But trouble struck at that point. It would not copy the songs according to the folders I had my music arranged in. So all my organisation right now lies to a waste.

I need to find out how to do that. Anyone have any ideas on how to achieve that?

Tech Support

This is a real funny comic strip. Do take a look at it and you will then know how the “Problem on your end” really started ;-)


Ipod Finally in my hands

Yaaaaay.. Today is independence day and it turns out I finally got the object I desired the most for the past year or so.

An Apple Ipod A gift from my sister. She had been on her honeymoon for the past fortnight and a day before she was to return, I asked her to get me one. :-)

It’s a 20 GB model which can store about 5000 songs. Though I had asked for one with a mono display, it seems the color display has become the default and mono display production has been stopped. Good for me :-D
It is awesome and I just still cant believe that I got one.

Woo hoo

Mis – Adventures

Tomorrow (15th August) is Indian independence day so all those working in S/W companies in India have a loooong weekend of 3 days. So my sis’ bro-in-law came over to meet us and my sis who is coming down tom(monday, 15th August)

Dreamz Unlimited

I have had one of the most weird series of dreams, in 3 successive days. I dont remember the dreams in entirety but only bit’s and pieces of them but they go as follow

Dream 1: Two days back(or rather nights) I dreamt that one of my sister’s friend(I dont know who) was pestering me for something. I dont know what she was pestering me for but only that she was kinda following me around constantly asking me for it.

Dream 2: A day back(Last to last night) I dreamt that I was on some sort of a boat and the dream ended as a small kid throwing his puppy, called “Vivacious”, into the sea, crying out Bye Viv, Bye Viv.

Dream 3: I dont remember what the dream was, but it involved some death.

Now I dont believe in dream interpretation but if someone does know the meaning of these dreams, do leave a comment since I would be curious to their meaining.

PS. The title comes from the name of the movie production house of one of the biggest actors in India, Shah Rukh Khan.

Hungry, wet and tired

Do not ride your bike in the rain. It can be quite dangerous.

Well, most of you might say, “Duh!! What’s new about that?”

There is nothing new about it but only that I rode my bike all the way from office to home, 17 kms in the rain. And it was bad. I could barely see due to the prismatic effect caused by the water on my helmet visor and the light from the oncoming vehicles. And my bike chose today to behave weird. I was having a tough time controlling the bike. At one point of time, while I braked for a speed breaker, the back tire went one way and the front tire the other way. Brr.. Scary, especially with other vehicles right behind you.

Anyways, I reached home safely though very cold and wet to the bone, my shoes full of water, my pants dripping wet and me exteremly tired and hungry.

Though now I am full having had my dinner :-D

Microsoft – Love it or Hate it?

Everyone loves to hate Microsoft. It is one of the favorite pastimes of Linux Geeks and users alike. I have done it and I accept it. Microsoft Windows the most popular operating system ever is also one of the most vulnerable. I have hated it when it did not something I wanted but behaved much like a cat doing it’s own thing.

However, I came across this interesting post which looks at Microsoft from a totally different perspective. Why it _might_ be targeted by virus writers, hacker et all. A pretty good read if only for light reading.

The article can be found here

Email problems – Thunderbird

I am pissed. Though not sure who to be pissed at. Thunderbird (My email client), Gmail, or my ISP. It’s been 3 days since I started having email problems. I use only pop3 email accounts cos I hate web-mail.

But the problem seems to only be with Gmail.