Daily Archives: August 22, 2005

Beware – IE security vulnerability

Just follow these steps here in the order :-

1) Copy “any” text on to your clipboard

2) Click the following Link:

Server troubles

I was pissed yesterday. The blog database, which is intrinsic to the blog was not accessible for whole of yesterday (my time).

I get up yesterday morning and access the site and I am given a nice little error page by WordPress which states that the database is not accessible and I should check my username and password.

I contact the hosting service (Symonds.net) who replies that they have changed the server and that DNS changes take time to propagate. Bah.. He said things should be fine in about 2 hrs. I waited. And I waited some more while the blog was still not accessible.

I shot off a mail again and he replies that it’s *my* ISP’s fault since they are not flushing their DNS cache and updating them.

So I waited. Then it struck me that the god darn server was accessible but only the database was not which would be local for the blog and hence DNS issues dont even come into the picture.

I immediately sent him a mail telling this and he realised it about the same time too. So he manually went into the server and fixed the issue. It seems the DB package was broken after the upgrade in which some DB authentication always failed. Humph.. So much for DNS trouble.