Daily Archives: August 10, 2005

Hungry, wet and tired

Do not ride your bike in the rain. It can be quite dangerous.

Well, most of you might say, “Duh!! What’s new about that?”

There is nothing new about it but only that I rode my bike all the way from office to home, 17 kms in the rain. And it was bad. I could barely see due to the prismatic effect caused by the water on my helmet visor and the light from the oncoming vehicles. And my bike chose today to behave weird. I was having a tough time controlling the bike. At one point of time, while I braked for a speed breaker, the back tire went one way and the front tire the other way. Brr.. Scary, especially with other vehicles right behind you.

Anyways, I reached home safely though very cold and wet to the bone, my shoes full of water, my pants dripping wet and me exteremly tired and hungry.

Though now I am full having had my dinner :-D