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And another turn back at feedback

Kuku wrote:

Its so fagging irritating when some people ask you for feedback and then when you do decide to give them some frank feedback (which obviously they do not like to hear) they get all irritated and worked up and downright delirious at times.

My own team had a feedback session (Anonymous) for one of our leads with a facilitator to act as a bridge. I was not really interested in this initially because I assumed that it was for “critical” feedback but being in the team, I had to participate.

While there wasn’t much spoken initially, people did voice their issues (which imo was nothing major and indicated that most were happy with the lead) which was noted and put into context by the facilitator. But I did get a chance to speak since the feedback session also included positive feedback (which was that I had)

Anyway, the feedback was given to the lead in front of the team and very admirably, the lead actually agreed to most of them, and stated his intention to try to correct them and change them.  The way he took it and accepted it, my respect and admiration for him only increased and made me glad that I was in this team that any other.

Acknowledgement or a confession

Since i was about 2 months old, I’ve had a condition which made the involuntary nervous control of my neck muscles weak. Due to this, I do not have complete control over my neck and unconsciously “shake” it from one side to the other.

Unfortunately since its not under my control, I never realize when I’m shaking my head. Most people understandably find it weird or funny, but surprisingly to me some people think I’m mocking them during a conversation (as I shockingly found out recently) which of course is not my intention.

And it’s not like I’ve not tried getting it treated. My parents and I have consulted more than 50 docs over the years without success. I have tried allopathy, homeopathy, ayurveda, physiotherapy, yoga, concentration exercises etc. And yes, (very unlike me) even meditation. But as obvious, to no avail :(

While most people ignore it, many tend to make fun by giving me names, mimicking it or joking about it behind my back. As a kid, I’d get upset (quite a bit) with anyone who made fun. But as I’ve grown up, I’ve started to ignore it all, even suppressing a very strong feeling to confront a colleague who was making fun. Ultimately decided that someone like that is not worth me getting upset (and it being a weekend also helped :) )

why am I writing all this? And out of the blue? I don’t know. But I just felt like “venting” when a guy who goes by the same bus as me mimicked me.

Maybe it is this that has made me the social inept and introvert that I am. It’s not that I am short of self-confidence (or according to mom, I’m over confident) but I’ve somehow held back on interacting with people, very importantly, acquaintances (people I know but who I don’t consider friends)

GPL is too restrictive

I want to base a theme on Sandbox but unfortunately it is based on GPL which I think is too restrictive. I would rather have it in LGPL/MIT/AFL (Even MPL) instead which are more open and non-restrictive.

Sigh.. I’ll have to look for another theme though I doubt any will match the awesome Sandbox. I wish Scott would provide dual licensing.


Why do things happen when they cannot be acted upon and do not when they can be! :(

Ahh… Silence

Switched off my cell(s) and left them at home (On purpose). No one has new office number, have no access to any instant messengers. Don’t remember anyone’s phone numbers.
Almost incommunicado (not that many people call me or msg me even otherwise)

Have to keep myself immersed in work and music.. :)


There are so many people (mostly friends – college, school and others) I want to meet but do not have enough time to. With 13 hour workdays, weekdays are impossible. Out of two days over the weekend, most of sunday is reserved for family. That leaves saturday, half of which I spend sleeping.

I need more time. Someone make the days longer please!!!

Underrated anyone?

Enjoying life is sometimes so underrated. Especially in the busyness (spelling on purpose) of modern city life.
Why this thought came into my mind? Because I have been extremely busy, with work and non-work. And I AM enjoying like like never before. I love this place and the atmosphere here.

Ps. No particular reason for the above thought. I just felt like posting something :D

New Job, New experiences

As I mentioned, I started on a new job on the 2nd. I have joined GE Healthcare as a Design Engineer in the X-Ray and Radiology department. The work seems fascinating and should be fun. But so far, of the 4 days I’ve been there, it’s been a new experience to me. GE being such a big organization, has a lot of paperwork to be done on joining and seems a lot of bureaucracy as well. It’s got to me after a while but then guess that cos I’ve never experienced it before.

Another thing I expect is that I wont get into a live project immediately since it will take time for me to get integrated into the team and the project as well as I will need to undergo relevant training so that I can follow the proper quality standards.

The people here are quite nice and friendly. They smile when passing in the corridors and a few call me out when they go for a walk or to the cafeteria. I’m getting to know a lot more people, although a minuscule percentage of the people there. There are just too many people there. And I do mean LOTS.

All in all, exciting and fun times ahead.