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New Job, New experiences

As I mentioned, I started on a new job on the 2nd. I have joined GE Healthcare as a Design Engineer in the X-Ray and Radiology department. The work seems fascinating and should be fun. But so far, of the 4 days I’ve been there, it’s been a new experience to me. GE being such a big organization, has a lot of paperwork to be done on joining and seems a lot of bureaucracy as well. It’s got to me after a while but then guess that cos I’ve never experienced it before.

Another thing I expect is that I wont get into a live project immediately since it will take time for me to get integrated into the team and the project as well as I will need to undergo relevant training so that I can follow the proper quality standards.

The people here are quite nice and friendly. They smile when passing in the corridors and a few call me out when they go for a walk or to the cafeteria. I’m getting to know a lot more people, although a minuscule percentage of the people there. There are just too many people there. And I do mean LOTS.

All in all, exciting and fun times ahead.


So I’m back from my trip. Returned on Monday (2nd), a day earlier than planned because the date of my joining my new job was advanced to then. More on the new job in a bit.

The trip was long, fun and tiring. But it was a blast. Visited Ranchi, Pune, Lonavla and Khandala (topic for another post). Have lots to say but the new job is keeping me very busy so not much time. With the long weekend thanks to Easter, I should be able to though..

More to come.. :)