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There are so many people (mostly friends – college, school and others) I want to meet but do not have enough time to. With 13 hour workdays, weekdays are impossible. Out of two days over the weekend, most of sunday is reserved for family. That leaves saturday, half of which I spend sleeping.

I need more time. Someone make the days longer please!!!

School Meetup

Yesterday about 7 class-mates from my high school decided to meetup. I was the one who called in all the people and got them to come. Thankfully so many showed up (more than I had expected to turn up)
It turned out to be a very good time as we reminisced school times, caught up with each others and generally chatted and joked about how things used to be in school.

Took a couple of pics of everyone there:

School Meetup
School Meetup 2
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