Ahh… Silence

Switched off my cell(s) and left them at home (On purpose). No one has new office number, have no access to any instant messengers. Don’t remember anyone’s phone numbers.
Almost incommunicado (not that many people call me or msg me even otherwise)

Have to keep myself immersed in work and music.. :)


  1. Can I? by Living Life May 24, 2007

    […] and sleep  Listening to: Fan overheadIt’s been three days since I switched off my cell phones. Can I keep them off for another 2 days (One full working week).. I’m gonna […]

  2. Swe May 24, 2007

    I like what you are doing… i hate the dependancy on cell phone, but i don’t think I can help it. Maybe I have to try this too :)

    Talks about self control!!!

  3. AJ May 24, 2007

    I’m glad you like :)

    I dislike cell phones in general. Always have and will. The only reason why I’ve had them is parent pressure (though that’s not an excuse to have two ;) )

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