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New Job, New experiences

As I mentioned, I started on a new job on the 2nd. I have joined GE Healthcare as a Design Engineer in the X-Ray and Radiology department. The work seems fascinating and should be fun. But so far, of the 4 days I’ve been there, it’s been a new experience to me. GE being such a big organization, has a lot of paperwork to be done on joining and seems a lot of bureaucracy as well. It’s got to me after a while but then guess that cos I’ve never experienced it before.

Another thing I expect is that I wont get into a live project immediately since it will take time for me to get integrated into the team and the project as well as I will need to undergo relevant training so that I can follow the proper quality standards.

The people here are quite nice and friendly. They smile when passing in the corridors and a few call me out when they go for a walk or to the cafeteria. I’m getting to know a lot more people, although a minuscule percentage of the people there. There are just too many people there. And I do mean LOTS.

All in all, exciting and fun times ahead.