There are so many people (mostly friends – college, school and others) I want to meet but do not have enough time to. With 13 hour workdays, weekdays are impossible. Out of two days over the weekend, most of sunday is reserved for family. That leaves saturday, half of which I spend sleeping.

I need more time. Someone make the days longer please!!!


  1. swe May 18, 2007

    :) i cant help but smile….. cause i know exactly how it feels..

    Remedy : don’t stay in office for more than 8 hours, get out of office by 5 or 6, find the zeal to go out after that… It works.. definitely works for me and a few of my friends ;)

  2. AJ May 18, 2007

    Oh it’s just not possible for me to leave by 5 or 6. I get out of my cubi by 6, go to the gym and by the time I get home, it’s about 9..
    And besides, the EC city ppl can’t get anywhere before 7+ anyway..

  3. Kev May 19, 2007

    Work-life balance is always difficult. My proposed solution is a radical one. Eliminate Wednesday, or your local equivalent and have a six day week with three days working and three days off. Unfortunately or my letters to governments and the UN have gone unanswered. :)

    Seriously though I hope you manage to get some time to relax soon, it won’t help anyone if you burn out.

  4. AJ May 19, 2007

    Heh.. That’s something I do not expect to happen anytime soon. I’m really enjoying my new job and having fun. I look forward to going to work so a burnout is out of the question :)

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