Underrated anyone?

Enjoying life is sometimes so underrated. Especially in the busyness (spelling on purpose) of modern city life.
Why this thought came into my mind? Because I have been extremely busy, with work and non-work. And I AM enjoying like like never before. I love this place and the atmosphere here.

Ps. No particular reason for the above thought. I just felt like posting something :D


  1. Preethi April 30, 2007

    Tarle, these recent posts don’t appear on the main page of your website?

  2. AJ May 1, 2007

    They do. They come in the sidebar (which in this case is a bottom bar) cos they are mini-posts (known as asides)
    I have to change the layout a bit to make them more prominent but have not been able to due to lack of time..

    Maybe I’ll do it now or something..

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