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Minesweeper the Movie

This I HAVE to watch!

Yes, this is a parody

Acknowledgement or a confession

Since i was about 2 months old, I’ve had a condition which made the involuntary nervous control of my neck muscles weak. Due to this, I do not have complete control over my neck and unconsciously “shake” it from one side to the other.

Unfortunately since its not under my control, I never realize when I’m shaking my head. Most people understandably find it weird or funny, but surprisingly to me some people think I’m mocking them during a conversation (as I shockingly found out recently) which of course is not my intention.

And it’s not like I’ve not tried getting it treated. My parents and I have consulted more than 50 docs over the years without success. I have tried allopathy, homeopathy, ayurveda, physiotherapy, yoga, concentration exercises etc. And yes, (very unlike me) even meditation. But as obvious, to no avail :(

While most people ignore it, many tend to make fun by giving me names, mimicking it or joking about it behind my back. As a kid, I’d get upset (quite a bit) with anyone who made fun. But as I’ve grown up, I’ve started to ignore it all, even suppressing a very strong feeling to confront a colleague who was making fun. Ultimately decided that someone like that is not worth me getting upset (and it being a weekend also helped :) )

why am I writing all this? And out of the blue? I don’t know. But I just felt like “venting” when a guy who goes by the same bus as me mimicked me.

Maybe it is this that has made me the social inept and introvert that I am. It’s not that I am short of self-confidence (or according to mom, I’m over confident) but I’ve somehow held back on interacting with people, very importantly, acquaintances (people I know but who I don’t consider friends)

Bungee Jumpin

Alrighty.. So I bungee jumped yesterday. But more from the start. We left around 12 and it took us about an hour to find the place. The crowd was fairly thin considering it being the last day and a Sunday. The ticket purchase required us to undergo a medical test – BP check and weight. All that took us about an hour and a half. Then came the long wait for our turn to jump.

Eventually it turned out we would wait for about 7.5, yes seven and a half hours.

DSC01937 Waiting for lunch

But it was not all waste. We had lunch and then waiting for some more time went for a long ride, which considering the improving weather was fabulous. Near the Yellahanka airbase Vikram’s bike ran out of fuel. So we stopped there and to our pleasure discovered a small pond. That and the setting sun made for a great combo. Took lots of pics there.

Dive Chandrahasa about to dive in to the lake.. Taking his acting career too seriously ;)

Contemplations One of the best pics of the day..

By then we hoped that our turn would have come but nope, we still had to wait for a lot more time.By now we were beginning to lose patience but since we had paid, we could not do anything. Finally at about 8:30 our turn came and we strapped on for the jump. After that it was just thrill as we waited for our turns.
When my chance finally came, i rode up the platform relatively calmly. But once on top, i felt the fear, thrill and rush of jumping the first time.

DSC01988 The crane from which we jumped..

Encouraged by the instructor, i took a deep breath and stepped off. I wanted to jump head first but the platform was swaying too much for me to jump (ah well next time ;) )

Anyway, once i stepped off, the ground rushing up towards me gave me the kick of my life.
It WAS one of the best experiences of my life.

To those in our group who did not jump, I’m sorry for you. You missed an experience to remember.
Now i wanna jump from higher up :D

More pics on my Zooomr Album
Sorry but the videos are too large to upload.

I want to participate in this

The Plan

  • Each team consists of two members
  • Each person is allowed Rs. 1000 and a back pack.
  • Participants are allowed to carry extra money, but are not encouraged to use it unless they are in some deep trouble.
  • Remotest village in a state is a must visit.
  • Farther the distance of travel from starting point more the fun.

More information at Bigrace wiki

This would be so much fun.. But I don’t think I’m capable of doing this :(


There is a blog I’ve recently started following, called Desicritics which is a part of a blog network called Blogcritics. The Desicritics blog consists of a huge bunch of writers who write almost daily on a wide range of topics related mainly to India and south east Asia. But they do write about some other topics which are significant and in the limelight at the time.

The articles are very well written, succinct and fun to read. But do be warned that it’s a very high volume blog due to the multitude of writers. But for good content about India, visit it and read it more often :)

The Trek – An Epilogue

(Extremely condenced and summarised)

First Trek, Experience – Not entirely pleasant.

So I’m back from the trek. I’ll let it suffice to say that while it was quite fun in the beginning, it turned quite sour for me on the first day, mainly due to my suffering severe leg cramps which would not allow me to walk at all. I spent about the entire afternoon of Saturday sitting and wincing in pain due to the cramps. The other part was the monotony of walking along the track unable to enjoy the surroundings, the scenery, the view due to the requirement of watching the track and where one puts their next step.

Walking on the stones which are filled between the railway tiers is not good for the legs due to the stones being loose and hence unstable.