GPL is too restrictive

I want to base a theme on Sandbox but unfortunately it is based on GPL which I think is too restrictive. I would rather have it in LGPL/MIT/AFL (Even MPL) instead which are more open and non-restrictive.

Sigh.. I’ll have to look for another theme though I doubt any will match the awesome Sandbox. I wish Scott would provide dual licensing.


  1. Scott June 5, 2007

    The GNU GPL is restrictive, I agree. But with the Sandbox I’m making an strong effort to get it into the WordPress core, hopefully replacing the “Classic” theme that is still packaged with the download (beyond all reason).

    For the competition, GNU GPL compatible licenses are also a go, but those are really far and few between in respects to quality.

    Automattic is behind the competition, so at the very least it would provide some great exposure. I personally believe that the Sandbox will make its way in to the core with some example style sheets as a tool for beginners. So there’s another reason.

    Not to mention the community, etc., etc. ;-)

    This design is fantastic, by the way. Not enough designs know how to use negative space well.

    The GNU GPL has really been taking a beating lately, so maybe there will be a possibility for dual licensing. But I don’t expect it terribly soon.

    Anyhow, give the comp another thought.

  2. AJ June 5, 2007

    I would love it if Sandbox was indeed included as the standard theme in WP core.
    While I agree that it has to be GPL compatible to be included into the WP core, it can always be released under a dual license (one of the few I mentioned which are all compatible with GPL)
    This design was created by Milo, a fantastic designer..

    And yes, I am participating in the Comp. It’s a fantastic opportunity and a great platform to present new designs. In this post, I was only talking of a design I wanted to create separately from the Comp..

  3. Matteo August 19, 2007

    hi i enjoyed the read

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