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Holi Hai – The Festival of Colors

Today was Holi, the festival of colors. This festival is celebrated in remeberance of the triumph of Good over Evil (Aren’t they all ;) )

Anyway, so my cousin and a couple of his friends planned for a big get together for the festival to celebrate. And celebrate we did. It was a huge blast with about 200 people coming for the party, splashing colors on each other, smearing colored powder on each other’s faces. It did not matter if you knew the other person or not, what mattered was having fun, coloring each other.

Anyway, in the party, a couple of large barrels were filled with water, color mixed in them and then using buckets, everyone was doused with it :D And to add icing, I had gotten some silver and golden colors which would not come of so easily. With those, I decorated everyone’s faces, necks etc, making them all look like some sort of participants in a pagan ceremony ;)

After the party, I decided to surprise the people in office. I knew if I called in advance, they _might_ bar my entry into office. So I went without any information with a couple of packets of dry color powder (called Gulal). At first, they all tried to excuse themselves, saying they were wearing pretty clothes, new clothes, were allergic etc. But I had thought of all that. The colors which I had brought along were organic so would not cause a reaction. And they were just simple powder which would get off the clothes usually with a dusting or atmost a wash. So finally, when I got bugged of the excuses, I got down to threats :D and threatened to color them at their desks itself. This got them out.

Once this happened and they started playing, they forgot all the excuses and got immersed. As stated here, here and here, they had a lot of fun and enjoyed it :)

All in all, an awesome fun filled day!

Check out the photos from the Office celebration

And the God is back

I’ve been waiting to say this for long time. The God is finally back and Ferrari is ruling again. All hail the Schumi.

So the first Formula 1 was as exciting as expected, or maybe even more so. And I am jealous of all the spectators who were in the stadium, more so near the pit lane exit.

The first race of the Formula 1 season, held in Bahrain was absolyutely mindblowing. There was almost everything; Amazing overtakes, hardline driving, mindgames and masterful strategy.

The best part was not the competetion between the frontrunners, Schumi and Alonso but the competetion throughout the lineup. In all it was one hell of a race with complete worth the time and money.

And, of course, though the God, Schumi did not win, he came second. And hopefully it will only be the stepping stone to the next pit stop ;)

Brokeback Mountain

Hilarious observation by Chandrahasa. (This for straight people only :P)

Q. What is worse than a guy calling you after watching Brokeback Mountain saying he liked it?

A. Him saying he remembered you while watching the movie and hence called you!



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