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What a blast!!!

Had been to one of the most fun parties I have been to in a long time. It was a party organised by a group of my friends, and co-incidentally they chose yesterday to hold it which was also my birthday :)

Though I reached a bit early, with many of them coming about 9.30 pm or so.. Everyone went for dinner after that. The party really started after we came back.. Lighted a few candles, put on some music (not slow romantic stuff but a mix of bhangra, rock, pop and the like)

Everyone was dancing and it was so much fun with no lights and only a couple of candles lighting up the place. (They had originally planned for strobes and some disco lights but there were not available :( )

After quite some dancing, and most ppl tired, we all played a game of truth & dare after which sat around chatting some more.. By then it was already almost 4. And since I know my dad wakes up around 4ish, I returned home, which is like 5 min from their home. Sneaking was fun and luckily I was wearing rubber soled sneakers so managed to get in relatively quietly ;)

All in all, it was really a fun day!

Advance Birthday surprise

Got a nice surprise today when everyone here in office celebrated my birthday, which is tomorrow today.

We had gone out for lunch. Unknown to me, one of them here, Vidya delayed me on purpose. Me, I did not suspect anything. We were quite a bit late in going but everyone else was waiting for us, which though I did find a wee suspicious that they waited for us, but anyway we carried on with lunch.

So we were just chatting around and eating. About near the end, the restaurant to which we had gone, Pizza Hut, played the “Happy Birthday to you” song. Now it being my birthday tomorrow, the rest of the ppl started singing too. Though I did not realise the song was played specially for me :) I thought it was for others. Only when the cakes (Yes, cakes, there were two of ’em) I realised they were giving a surprise. And a very pleasant one too.

So they lighted up the candles, and everyone once again sang Happy Birthday. And then the people in Pizza Hut sang a different version again wishing me for my birthday.

In all, it was great fun. Thanks everyone who did it :-)


I’m disgusted and extremely sad today. One of the best guys one can know, Tom Vogt, creator of the best game I have ever played, Battlemaster, which is a browser based, online RPG, recently gave up playing his own game. Why? Because some of the players playing _his_ game, accused him of cheating and using means which benifit him and his player.

Not only was that the must absurd and disgusting thing I heard, it hurt him so much, he decided to delete his account and give up playing _his_ own game. Today he made an announcement stating that he had been so disillusioned by that episode that he had lost motivation in the development of the game.

And I’m sad. Not for the development of the game but for Tom because from what interaction I have had with him, he is a fantastic guy and a terrific person. And he did not deserve to be treated as he was by players for whom he had done so much.

Edit: Removed an inflammatory comment. Not my style

I’m a Graduate

Graduation certificateWhee… I’m finally and officially a graduate.

Just got it last evening. My degree certificate. Nothing very fancy but still, it’s my degree. :-)

Ps. Sorry for the bad image quality and the cropping. I’m not good with image editors :-(

The Latest Bond Girl – Casino Royale

Eva Green

This is the latest Bond Girl. A 25 year old French Actress who will accompany Daniel Craig in the latest movie from the James Bond Franchise titled Casino Royale.

Though this image is quite flattering, I do not really consider her of the class of Denise Richards :-D And Sophie Marceu or Halle Berry.

As a matter of fact, I much more preferred Pierce Brosnan over Daniel Craig. Regardless, the best always was and will be Sean Connery :-)

Thanks to People Magazine for the original article

I’m Missing ;)

Okay.. This really cracked me up when I heard it.

I had to work today (My first saturday in office :-( ). But before that I also had to purchase tickets for a trip for some relatives. And it so happened I got late. So I left in a rush and forgot to carry my cell phones. (Yes phones, I have 2 of ’em :-D)

Apparantely, my dad had asked me to give him a call around noon to give the status of the tickets. This part, I missed. Now when noon passed, my dad started calling me but since no one answered, he kept on trying. After about a few (20 I’m told) calls, he became frantic. So he called the travel agency where I was supposed to purchase the tickets and asked if those tickets had been made. For some reason, the person there told him that no such tickets were made. Then my dad called my office. Buuut, incidently, at that time, I had gone for lunch. And the security personnel who answered, who did not know my name, told him I never came to office.