Daily Archives: March 22, 2006

I’m a nice Guy

Got this off ASR. A really funny read and quite true too ;).

So how true would this be? I think it’s quite accurate and true. It’s a rant yeah but does make sense.

So now, I claim to be a nice guy. Any girls out there willing to prove me wrong ;) :P

Ode to the Nice Guys ;)

The Don’t Blame Me Generation

How much is this situation prevalant? I have myself noticed this phenomen in a few of my cousins. They are rude, unconcerned with others and always ready to shift the blame.

And in most cases, I feel, it happens to the filthy rich where the parents try and solve all their problems related to their kids through money. Is our generation really going down like this. And if this is the current scenario, what about the next generation?
The Don’t Blame Me Generation