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2009 Formula 1 season

The new season of the fastest sport in the world starts today in Australia. The usual teams are there but the surprise package is a new team, Brawn GP which replaced Honda from last year.

A lot of rules have changed, some for the better (Slicks, improved aerodynamics) and others for the worse (fugly rear wing, higher nose cone etc). That said, as the first race just starting, it looks to be a very promising season..

Goodbye Schumi

The legend, the greatest driver in Formula 1 history finally retires.

After a fantastic win in Italy, Michael Schumacher announced his retirement from the sport where he has reached a position no other driver can reach. It is a sad day to see my favorite driver retire. He will be missed. :(

To make the news of Michael’s retirement slightly less painful, Kimi Raikkonen has signed up for Ferrari. Kimi who was my favorite driver after Michael will continue my support for Ferrari. I am glad he decided to join the Prancing horse team :)

And the God is back

I’ve been waiting to say this for long time. The God is finally back and Ferrari is ruling again. All hail the Schumi.

So the first Formula 1 was as exciting as expected, or maybe even more so. And I am jealous of all the spectators who were in the stadium, more so near the pit lane exit.

The first race of the Formula 1 season, held in Bahrain was absolyutely mindblowing. There was almost everything; Amazing overtakes, hardline driving, mindgames and masterful strategy.

The best part was not the competetion between the frontrunners, Schumi and Alonso but the competetion throughout the lineup. In all it was one hell of a race with complete worth the time and money.

And, of course, though the God, Schumi did not win, he came second. And hopefully it will only be the stepping stone to the next pit stop ;)