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How to handle Junk mail and calls

Have you been bothered by spam calls and paper mails? I have. I keep getting calls to join some club, open a new bank account, a mutual fund account etc. I also quite regularly receive letters which ask me to sign up for some magazine subscription, enter some sort of lucky draw to win a prize, get mystery gifts, get a credit card etc. All of it, though not major, is a pain and sometimes extremely irritating. So some tricks on how to handle these annoyances and turn the tables back on them :D

Winning in Adversity

This is a very inspiring story of a Tennis Player, James Blake. Over the past couple of years, Blake has suffered a lot of advesity, personal tumults and problems. But with a spirit which is very resilient and will power which is seemingly made of iron, he has come back and achieved what many tennis players only dream of. A Top 10 ATP rank and an increasing fan base and reputation. Truly an inspiring story.

The Dilbert Blog: Winning – An inspiring story about James Blake

The Trek – An Epilogue

(Extremely condenced and summarised)

First Trek, Experience – Not entirely pleasant.

So I’m back from the trek. I’ll let it suffice to say that while it was quite fun in the beginning, it turned quite sour for me on the first day, mainly due to my suffering severe leg cramps which would not allow me to walk at all. I spent about the entire afternoon of Saturday sitting and wincing in pain due to the cramps. The other part was the monotony of walking along the track unable to enjoy the surroundings, the scenery, the view due to the requirement of watching the track and where one puts their next step.

Walking on the stones which are filled between the railway tiers is not good for the legs due to the stones being loose and hence unstable.

Why we should follow Rules

Well, today being the trek, I was returning home earlier than usual from office. Well on the way, just as I took a turn, a signal changed to red. So I had to stop in a hurry and just missed the stop line but I still stopped. Another guy had ideas to the contrary and without bothering about the red light, continued on.

Unfortunately for him, just a little past the signal, a few traffic cops were waiting to conduct surprise checks and hence stopped him. At first he refused to move to the side and wanted to continue on but finally relented. He spoke something with the cops and after a minute, the cops signalled for me to go to them. At first I thought it might be to check us and question us as well since I had crossed the stop line as well.

An upcoming trip

I’ll be going for a jungle trek over the weekend. It’ll be my first ever trek/hike and am quite excited about it. It’s to a place called Yedakumari which will be the starting point for the trek. From there we’ll be trekking for about 2 days through forests, railway tunnels, bridges, along an old abandoned railway line.

There are about 35 people in the group going for the trek and it looks extremely promising and fun :)

I’m a nice Guy

Got this off ASR. A really funny read and quite true too ;).

So how true would this be? I think it’s quite accurate and true. It’s a rant yeah but does make sense.

So now, I claim to be a nice guy. Any girls out there willing to prove me wrong ;) :P

Ode to the Nice Guys ;)

The Don’t Blame Me Generation

How much is this situation prevalant? I have myself noticed this phenomen in a few of my cousins. They are rude, unconcerned with others and always ready to shift the blame.

And in most cases, I feel, it happens to the filthy rich where the parents try and solve all their problems related to their kids through money. Is our generation really going down like this. And if this is the current scenario, what about the next generation?
The Don’t Blame Me Generation

New Blog

I’ve started a new Blog with a Chandrahasa and Musavir, my colleagues in Applibase and F1 fanatics. The blog, Formula 1 Jam will have the 3 of us as co-authors with each of us presenting our view points and thoughts on F1. It will be heavily skewed by each of us with Chandrahasa favoring Renault and Fernando Alonso, Musavir favors McLaren and Kimi Raikonnen and me, of course the God Michael Schumacher and Ferrari.

So if you like F1, do read that blog and get a dose of 3 different perspectives :)