The Latest Bond Girl – Casino Royale

Eva Green

This is the latest Bond Girl. A 25 year old French Actress who will accompany Daniel Craig in the latest movie from the James Bond Franchise titled Casino Royale.

Though this image is quite flattering, I do not really consider her of the class of Denise Richards :-D And Sophie Marceu or Halle Berry.

As a matter of fact, I much more preferred Pierce Brosnan over Daniel Craig. Regardless, the best always was and will be Sean Connery :-)

Thanks to People Magazine for the original article


  1. Haas February 20, 2006

    Yep agree with ya… I like Michelle Yeoh too… guess the bond standards are getting really bad the choice of bond was bad and now the bond girl… well I guess we got to wait for the movie to know if she is bond girl material :P

  2. mert February 20, 2006

    While she isn’t as known as Denise Richards or the others, she is certainly sexy and classy – just see Bertolucci’s The Dreamers. Young and French, she is the perfect person to make every man and woman watching the movie turn speechless, phenomenal. Trust me – she will be one to live through Bond history. And, unlike Richards and many others, she can act.

  3. AJ February 20, 2006

    I hope so Mert. Cos I really like Denise Richards (and not necessarily for her acting ;). Hint Hint: Wild Things)

    But then again, Bond girls have never been required to act have they :-D

  4. Christopher March 2, 2006

    OMG this girl is banging… BANGIN.

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