Daily Archives: February 21, 2006


I’m disgusted and extremely sad today. One of the best guys one can know, Tom Vogt, creator of the best game I have ever played, Battlemaster, which is a browser based, online RPG, recently gave up playing his own game. Why? Because some of the players playing _his_ game, accused him of cheating and using means which benifit him and his player.

Not only was that the must absurd and disgusting thing I heard, it hurt him so much, he decided to delete his account and give up playing _his_ own game. Today he made an announcement stating that he had been so disillusioned by that episode that he had lost motivation in the development of the game.

And I’m sad. Not for the development of the game but for Tom because from what interaction I have had with him, he is a fantastic guy and a terrific person. And he did not deserve to be treated as he was by players for whom he had done so much.

Edit: Removed an inflammatory comment. Not my style

I’m a Graduate

Graduation certificateWhee… I’m finally and officially a graduate.

Just got it last evening. My degree certificate. Nothing very fancy but still, it’s my degree. :-)

Ps. Sorry for the bad image quality and the cropping. I’m not good with image editors :-(