Advance Birthday surprise

Got a nice surprise today when everyone here in office celebrated my birthday, which is tomorrow today.

We had gone out for lunch. Unknown to me, one of them here, Vidya delayed me on purpose. Me, I did not suspect anything. We were quite a bit late in going but everyone else was waiting for us, which though I did find a wee suspicious that they waited for us, but anyway we carried on with lunch.

So we were just chatting around and eating. About near the end, the restaurant to which we had gone, Pizza Hut, played the “Happy Birthday to you” song. Now it being my birthday tomorrow, the rest of the ppl started singing too. Though I did not realise the song was played specially for me :) I thought it was for others. Only when the cakes (Yes, cakes, there were two of ’em) I realised they were giving a surprise. And a very pleasant one too.

So they lighted up the candles, and everyone once again sang Happy Birthday. And then the people in Pizza Hut sang a different version again wishing me for my birthday.

In all, it was great fun. Thanks everyone who did it :-)


  1. Thejaswi February 24, 2006

    Damn, of all the birthdays, this year, i had to miss this:-( If only i knew you guys were at Pizza Hut i would have definetly made it to that place, anyway Many many happy returns of the day Mr.BF;-)

  2. Thejaswi February 24, 2006

    Damn, of all the birthday parties this year i missed this:-( . I am really feeling depressed after reading your account. Anyway Many many happy returns of the day ( in advance ) Mr. BF :-p

  3. Thejaswi February 24, 2006

    Sorry dude, the previous attempt your site just froze so tried posting the comment again, please feel free to delete the first one.

  4. Haas February 24, 2006

    Loved the expression on ur face dude :)… I hv pics if u want em :P

  5. AJ February 25, 2006

    Thanks guys :)

    Chandru, I’d love to have the pics.. It was really fun..

  6. Swetha March 1, 2006

    Hey anant “Happy Belated Birthday!”. U didnt mention bout what was written on the cake in your entry!;-)…I didnt know u were called B.F:)

  7. AJ March 1, 2006

    Thank you :-)
    Yeah I did not mention it on purpose.. Do you know what it means? :-/

    I hope not :D

    I did not write what was written on the cake for that very reason ;-)

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