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id Software Sold

id Software, the legendary makers of Doom, Wolfestein 3D (Wolf 3D), Quake has been sold to Zenimax Media, owners of Bethesda Softworks, creators of games like Oblivion, Elder Scrolls IV.

Wolfenstein 3D screenshot
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id Software holds a special place in my heart for the countless hours of entertainment they gave me through Wolf, Doom and Quake. Wolf was the first FPS I ever player and absolutely loved it. I played it to death, in all modes, without and with cheat codes.

Episode I: Knee-Deep in the Dead takes place i...
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Then came Doom and Doom 2, absolute classics, amazing games. And then came the kings, Quake and Quake 3. Somehow I missed playing Quake II but the others more than filled up my time to allow me to miss it.

And of course, John Carmack was my childhood hero, always seeing his name whenever I started Doom up.
I’m glad that with this deal, id will live on and produce new games. Hopefully I will be able to make more time and play those new games as well ;)

Bonus: A nice interview with John Carmack after the sale of id Software

MMORPG rivalry spills to the real life

This IS reality and not an MMORPG. Keep the rivalry to the game please.

Thank you

Me got one too

Inspired by Kuksie, I went out and got myself one of these (It’s a logitech gamepad with force feedback) too!
Looks and feels awesome.. And it’s cordless too.. Will start cracking out the games now ;)

Finally I can put my relatively decent grafix card to some strain :D


I’m disgusted and extremely sad today. One of the best guys one can know, Tom Vogt, creator of the best game I have ever played, Battlemaster, which is a browser based, online RPG, recently gave up playing his own game. Why? Because some of the players playing _his_ game, accused him of cheating and using means which benifit him and his player.

Not only was that the must absurd and disgusting thing I heard, it hurt him so much, he decided to delete his account and give up playing _his_ own game. Today he made an announcement stating that he had been so disillusioned by that episode that he had lost motivation in the development of the game.

And I’m sad. Not for the development of the game but for Tom because from what interaction I have had with him, he is a fantastic guy and a terrific person. And he did not deserve to be treated as he was by players for whom he had done so much.

Edit: Removed an inflammatory comment. Not my style

Microsoft Windows = Bloatware

This is a very interesting which shows users how to run a very barebones instance of Microsoft Windows operting system. You run with only two services. But you can still surf the internet and do some other stuff.

Now I gotta try and see if I can play games on it. With most of my system memory available entirely for the game ;-)

The article is available here
Mark’s Sysinternals Blog: Running Windows with No Services

A Gamers’ Manifesto

Anyone who is or has been a gamer will agree with quite a few of the points in this article. I was literally agreeing in my head to some of the points. But some of the points are quite in-the-future wishes. Am not sure if they actually are possible on the current hardware..It is to be seen when it happens cos it sure will :-D

A Gamers’ Manifesto