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I’m Missing ;)

Okay.. This really cracked me up when I heard it.

I had to work today (My first saturday in office :-( ). But before that I also had to purchase tickets for a trip for some relatives. And it so happened I got late. So I left in a rush and forgot to carry my cell phones. (Yes phones, I have 2 of ’em :-D)

Apparantely, my dad had asked me to give him a call around noon to give the status of the tickets. This part, I missed. Now when noon passed, my dad started calling me but since no one answered, he kept on trying. After about a few (20 I’m told) calls, he became frantic. So he called the travel agency where I was supposed to purchase the tickets and asked if those tickets had been made. For some reason, the person there told him that no such tickets were made. Then my dad called my office. Buuut, incidently, at that time, I had gone for lunch. And the security personnel who answered, who did not know my name, told him I never came to office.