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Not just another day

Yes, I had stated that it will be just another day (wont be visible because the post is private), the birthday turned out NOT to be just another day. Infact it was a great day. My oldest friend surprised when she turned out to be in town (which she pretended she was not) and came home to surprise me.

Later had a lengthy and fun lunch with her, bro and friends at a nice restaurant. And finally in the evening dinner with my elder bro. The day finally topped off with getting to see and play with his daughter who had just returned from Delhi with my sis in law.

Advance Birthday surprise

Got a nice surprise today when everyone here in office celebrated my birthday, which is tomorrow today.

We had gone out for lunch. Unknown to me, one of them here, Vidya delayed me on purpose. Me, I did not suspect anything. We were quite a bit late in going but everyone else was waiting for us, which though I did find a wee suspicious that they waited for us, but anyway we carried on with lunch.

So we were just chatting around and eating. About near the end, the restaurant to which we had gone, Pizza Hut, played the “Happy Birthday to you” song. Now it being my birthday tomorrow, the rest of the ppl started singing too. Though I did not realise the song was played specially for me :) I thought it was for others. Only when the cakes (Yes, cakes, there were two of ’em) I realised they were giving a surprise. And a very pleasant one too.

So they lighted up the candles, and everyone once again sang Happy Birthday. And then the people in Pizza Hut sang a different version again wishing me for my birthday.

In all, it was great fun. Thanks everyone who did it :-)