Monthly Archives: May 2005

Gah.. I’m a human

Funny test which I took shows me as this:

Normal Human Being
You’re 37% human!
You care about most of the things you should care about. You’re probably a well rounded person. You probably don’t get used like a doormat by other people. You know the difference between right and wrong. Good for you!

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

You scored higher than 54% on humanity points
Link: The Are You Human? Test written by YellowLoofah on Ok Cupid

Bad day? It only get’s worse

This is how a bad day turns to the worse. :mad:

Most of today was pretty good with me sitting at home and whiling away my time. But around mid-afternoon my friend calls me up and tells me that our project reports were supposed to be signed by our HOD yesterday and he is not signing those which were not submitted yesterday.

But we had no option since our guide in the company was out of station and so could not sign it without which we could not submit it.


An evening with Googles Marissa Mayer (

Very interesting information about google’s thought process and continuing evolution to become the No. 1. Interesting read and comments.

Bout of Madness

Well I finally had my bout of madness. I got wet in the rain today.

It happened this way. My cousin who has come down for a visit wanted to go meet up with another cousin of ours. So we went. Had dinner there and while we were there, the power went twice and it started pouring like cats and dogs.

We waited for the rain to abate and were just chatting. Well the rain did stop and the power also came back, almost simultaneously. So I decided to make a run for it and left for home.

Nearing completion

The project report is done. There might be a wee bit left here and there, will know tomorrow. But besides that, I just completed the final draft of the report. Whee….

The presentation is being done by the others. I hope it will be completed by tom so we can be done with going to the company. Tomorrow will most likely be the last day of our little trip to UGSI :wink:

Ah well.. It was fun while it lasted. A long lasting memory for all of us I am sure :-)

A good day after many

I had a good day after quite a many days. My cousin has come down and was with him the entire evening.

Once I left college, I was home for sometime before going over to meet my cousin. He was like lets go out, lets go out. So we went out but the damn dude could not decide where he wanted to go or what he wanted to do.

Draft report submission

But first, Morning I had our draft report submission. We were not completely ready as one of the guys who was supposed to complete the report index (You would not now how long an index a 100 page report can make:wink: ) never mailed it to us and was ex-communicando in the morning. So we went in for the submission without that.

Now once we were in college, there was someone else giving a demo of their project so we had to wait a pretty much long time. And gawd… was it hot. I was getting frustrated having to wait there in the heat. Well we finally got a system with a cd-rom drive and got the lecturer to sit with us long enough to explain the report. It was sorta fun. We BSed quite a bit but managed to convince him that our project was quite cool :-D

Now all we need is the external guide’s approval and we are home free literally.

Then we all waited in the college just chatting before everyone decided to leave.

First experience

I am tired. Its 2130 hrs here and I have just returned from office. The deadline for the report cometh and there is still work to be done. I am tired, sleepy and pissed.

To top it, our project guide is on a trip to the UK and so all the report review and suggestions take place through e-mail. Just adds to the delays.

I will sure be happy when this project gets over.

Oh.. More bad news… It is only the beginning cos I am gonna become a s/w developer. So it wont be the last time that I will be staying late in the office for a deadline.