First experience

I am tired. Its 2130 hrs here and I have just returned from office. The deadline for the report cometh and there is still work to be done. I am tired, sleepy and pissed.

To top it, our project guide is on a trip to the UK and so all the report review and suggestions take place through e-mail. Just adds to the delays.

I will sure be happy when this project gets over.

Oh.. More bad news… It is only the beginning cos I am gonna become a s/w developer. So it wont be the last time that I will be staying late in the office for a deadline.



  1. Charishma May 19, 2005

    You’ve said it all…working with deadlines n working late into the night will be a part of a s/w professional’s reason why i don’t want to be one..

  2. AJ May 19, 2005

    Eh.. Before you even become one?
    Tsk Tsk… Dont give up so soon :-P

  3. Charishma May 19, 2005

    not giving up…just that i’d like it more if i’d get into admin rather than hard-core programming..

  4. AJ May 20, 2005

    Ah..Dont worry.. you’ll get what you desire. Ask and the lord giveth :-D

    Not that I belive in someting like that

  5. Charishma May 20, 2005

    We can only hope that we get what we want..If it had be be that way, then it will…:smile:

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