Bad day? It only get’s worse

This is how a bad day turns to the worse. :mad:

Most of today was pretty good with me sitting at home and whiling away my time. But around mid-afternoon my friend calls me up and tells me that our project reports were supposed to be signed by our HOD yesterday and he is not signing those which were not submitted yesterday.

But we had no option since our guide in the company was out of station and so could not sign it without which we could not submit it.

So off we went to the college to try and convince the HOD to give us some time or sign it for us. But he would not and acted just like the jerk that he is. The situation got better; our internal college guide had taken leave today. So the HOD say get your guide and then maybe we can “talk” and he just left at that.

As all this was happening, it started pouring. And pouring as in how? Torrential rain with the wind so high that the rain was almost fallin horizontaly! So we were stuck in the college for more time due to that. Well we waited for some more time and when the rain abated a little, we decided to take a chance and leave. Though there was a light drizzle, we continued. However, once we reached halfway, we got stuck in a massive traffic jam of over 2-3 kms long. There was absolutely no way out with both the sides blocked. The jam was apparantely due to a stretch of waist high water on the road :shock: We crawled our way to a side street which was supposed to connect to another highway. So I took that road. But the “road” turned out to be a little more than a crater filled mud road. And soon I lost my way and ended up getting about 10 kms off my way. Talk about bad luck! The only thing which made it bearable was my friend who was along with me on the bike. It was fun talking to her, joking and generally making fun of our situation :-D

Well I finally found my way to known surroundings but the rain had increased in the mean time. And there were traffic jams everywhere! It took me another 45 mins to get back to my road. Even there, there was a huge pile up so I decided to take a side road which opens up close to my house. But that again required about 2 1/2 kms detour in the rain. Somehow, though I did make it back home.

Once home, I realized I had lost sensation in the hands with all the riding and due to hooking the helmet above my elbow which I guess restricted the blood flow to my hand..

It feels better now though…

This is going to be a looooong monsoon for me I expect…:neutral:


  1. princess era May 28, 2005

    ppl it was an awesome time I had, totally teasing AJ , who is so consicuous abt his shoes it was filled with muddy water ,i was laughing to my best.

    guess charishma he was dripping with rain water ,just imagine ,ever seen him before.i got a chance to see and best part asking the route in his broken kannada. “hosur road yelliede” HA HA .

    sorry AJ cant control,Thanks for the fun ,I will never forget.

  2. AJ May 28, 2005

    Everyone has fun teasing me.. Everyone teases me :(

    I am the butt of all your jokes.. I know it :-P

    Though I had fun too :) It was some ride

  3. Charishma May 28, 2005

    Ya right!!!Like everyone teases u! U tease everyone..

  4. AJ May 28, 2005

    who me? Oh no.. I am such an innocent boy. I never tease anyone. Oh the horror’s of teasing :-D

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