Bout of Madness

Well I finally had my bout of madness. I got wet in the rain today.

It happened this way. My cousin who has come down for a visit wanted to go meet up with another cousin of ours. So we went. Had dinner there and while we were there, the power went twice and it started pouring like cats and dogs.

We waited for the rain to abate and were just chatting. Well the rain did stop and the power also came back, almost simultaneously. So I decided to make a run for it and left for home.

I made it…Almost. I was right in front of my house but on the other side of the road when all of a sudden it started pouring. It went from no rain to torrential (with big drops too) in 2 seconds. And I could do nothing but continue riding on. My brother started shouting.. “Its Col…Its Cold” and I was like wth we are almost there. Bear with it. But in the KiloMeter it took for me to get to the other side and get back home, we were both drenched. Absolutely wet.

So finally I was forced to get wet… Ah well not that I dissolved in the rain water.. That would have been nice too though :-D

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