A good day after many

I had a good day after quite a many days. My cousin has come down and was with him the entire evening.

Once I left college, I was home for sometime before going over to meet my cousin. He was like lets go out, lets go out. So we went out but the damn dude could not decide where he wanted to go or what he wanted to do. Finally we went into Subway and had a bite to eat. Roamed around Brigade’s for a bit and then got back home. Soon after we got back, my uncle had some guest over whom we did not really know properly so we went out for ice-cream.

By the time we were done, it had become overcast and a light drizzle was beginnig to fall. For the first time I felt like getting wet in the rain. I am not sure why! Normally I hate the rain but today I liked it. Was it the heat or the way I have been feeling the past few days I am not sure but I wanted to get wet. Well I did not cos I did not get a chance to.

After the ice-cream, we were at home mostly when my bro got the urge to eat pizzas. None of us were really in a mood to go out so we got home delivery. The guests soon left after that and we were left sitting at home with nothing to do. So we decided to go have a cup of coffee in the Leela Barista which is like a stone throw’s distance. While we were there, I had to go to the rest room where a really funny incident happened.

While I was there, a guy gets in, making some weird noises and I suddenly hear the sound of the hand drier going off(I could not see him yet) When I walk back to the hand wash, I see this guy bending under the drier with his back to it. He did not expect anyone else in there and was startled to see me. At first he did not say anything but later when I gave him a second look, he goes all red :oops: and starts explaining.
“Dont take me wrong, I am just a bit wet and was trying to dry myself”

I barely controlled my laughter and simply smiled and said “Dont worry.. It’s ok :-D”
As soon as I got out of there, I burst out laughing at the poor guy. He was _embarassed_

Well I got back to our table and we finished out coffee before heading back home.

It was a pretty good day except for the headache that I had the entire day. Can you believe it!!! A day long headache… I think I should go to sleep….:shock:


  1. Charishma May 22, 2005

    Really strange that u wanted to get wet in the rain. But i’m sure that the day u get wet, u’ll really enjoy the rain!

  2. AJ May 22, 2005

    eh eh.. Lets see when I feel like getting wet… It was probably a one time bout of madness ;-)

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