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It’s a presentation for a reason

One of my biggest pet peeves is people reading from a Powerpoint slideshow when giving a presentation.

The powerpoint slide show is to guide your audience about what YOU are presenting, speaking about. It should NOT convey all the information nor should it be YOUR (The speakers) guide or prompter.

Ideally, the speaker should “know” the topic and speak from his/her mind and allow the bullet points/diagrams to connect what you are talking about.

It is quite irritating that the speaker turns away from the audience to look at the screen to gather his/her thoughts or determine what to talk about next. For the love of the audience, stop referring to the screen and look at the audience when you are talking to them.

Random Number Generator

– I found this article quite a good take on the US Presidential race. What will it take for politicians to be more honest and actually work for a country and it’s people rather than amassing money or power. I think politicians are the worst scumbags on the face of the planets ahead of lawyers (Matko, no offense meant to you)
(I usually write about politics but this article was a very interesting analysis of the state of politics)

– Devegowda is one of the worst politicians ever to walk this country. And he is scum

– I really really want a MacBook Pro with the new Mac OS, Leopard.

– I need to sleep, write, read and work (in that order) but do not have time to do all.

– I came up with this quote

– Of late, music helps me get through a day

Someone said

It’s easy to find someone who you can be strong with.

It is luck to find someone who you can also be weak with!

Now the wait starts

Just submitted my first application. I’m excited but do not want to hope too much or start dreaming in case they are not realised..

Have done as much as I could (though I could have done more) and now will have to wait and watch..

Heroes and Villains

Every hero must have a villain to destroy, in order to prove himself a villain hero. But not every villain needs a hero in order to prove himself a villain
– Ravan, from The Ramayan

New Look

I’ve decided to change my theme and put in a new theme. This is a clean, white theme with lot of free space and fluid layout. Graphics are minimal which should make the blog load faster.

Things will likely break and I’ll fix them as I come across them ;)

Update: The theme breaks the blog big time because it is designed for WordPress 2.3 while I am running a previous version and don’t plan to upgrade to 2.3.. Sigh. I’ll have to look for another theme now :(

Update 2: I managed to get a working theme which looks pretty decent. Though I did like another but that had the same problem as above. Sigh. This will have to do unless the other theme’s author feels benevolent and modifies his theme to make it backward compatible ;)


My blog feels neglected. And not without reason. I’ve barely posted recently. Though there has been a lot to write.

A combination of work, mental imbalance and guilt of not working on my applications has kept me away from typing out anything. Also, I want to make a lot more private posts to put my thoughts into words, but only for myself.

The blog itself is also neglected since the theme is fairly old and I’ve not changed it for a while. No idea if any of my plugins have been updated nor have I upgraded wordpress itself (though  this is partly because I am thinking of moving over to Habari. If only Habari were a little more stable. But I digress)
But the guilt of my apps does not let me. Once the apps are done….