My blog feels neglected. And not without reason. I’ve barely posted recently. Though there has been a lot to write.

A combination of work, mental imbalance and guilt of not working on my applications has kept me away from typing out anything. Also, I want to make a lot more private posts to put my thoughts into words, but only for myself.

The blog itself is also neglected since the theme is fairly old and I’ve not changed it for a while. No idea if any of my plugins have been updated nor have I upgraded wordpress itself (though  this is partly because I am thinking of moving over to Habari. If only Habari were a little more stable. But I digress)
But the guilt of my apps does not let me. Once the apps are done….


  1. Pramod Biligiri November 1, 2007

    Coincidence? Both you and Haas have come with similar posts simultaneously! Probably you should meet up and grab some coffee.

  2. AJ November 2, 2007

    He did? Which one? I’ve not been keeping up with my blog reading as well :(

  3. Pramod Biligiri November 2, 2007

    Check out the latest friends-only post on Haas’ blog. Sadly he hasn’t enabled comments on that entry

  4. AJ November 2, 2007

    But that is fairly different from what I have posted. Mine is more about not being able to post to the blog at all while his is about trust and friendship!

  5. Preethi November 2, 2007

    I think my blog entry would encompass both yours and Haas’s! :)
    Not exactly similar reasons for the post but same results as the posts

  6. AJ November 2, 2007

    Um, which post of your again Preethi?

  7. Pramod Biligiri November 2, 2007

    To be precise: Which Preethi?

  8. AJ November 2, 2007

    It is PP only.. Don’t get confused :))

  9. ash November 3, 2007

    waitin’ for a meetup… :(

  10. AJ November 3, 2007

    Let’s meet. I’ll finish my apps this weekend and let’s meet sometime next week. Even during the weekdays is fine.

    Charishma was also msging about that..

  11. Preethi November 5, 2007

    I haven’t posted any entry.. precisely what I am trying to say. I don’t have the time or means (read internet at home) to post

    PP (How many more Preethi’s do you know? :P )

  12. AJ November 5, 2007

    /me points to Pramod. He questioned which Freethi.. Not me :P

  13. Preethi November 5, 2007

    I assumed that the only reason he questioned it is cos he has seen more than one Preethi in your blog comments.. Mr. GH :P

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