Heroes and Villains

Every hero must have a villain to destroy, in order to prove himself a villain hero. But not every villain needs a hero in order to prove himself a villain
– Ravan, from The Ramayan


  1. Ravi November 12, 2007

    Every hero must have a villain to destroy, in order to prove himself a HERO you mean ;)

  2. AJ November 12, 2007

    Err yeah.. Oops :D

  3. Haas November 12, 2007

    Good food for thought :)

    A friend of mine was once talking about Ravan and said that he was a very just and good king, an excellent warrior, a very devoted person and yet his one mistake(Sita’s kidnapping) led to him being branded as the bad guy! Kindof makes you wonder how easily reputation can disappears…

  4. AJ November 12, 2007

    Ravan is considered to be one of the most austere “tapasvi’s” and learned person of his time. He was a warrior feared by the gods themselves.

    But in all his power, he was quite just and a very wise and intelligent king, rivaling Ram himself.

    As you said, it was his kidnapping of Sita which led to his downfall. But even that was orchestrated by him with full knowledge of the outcome for if he had not, Ram would not have had a villain to match Ram’s stature.

    And as Ravan says in the Ramayan, a man should be judged by his actions with the context of what time those actions are performed for the same man could be the greatest sage at one time and a brutal villain at another.

  5. priya November 12, 2007

    villains need victims, that’s it.
    er… why this, out of the blue?

  6. AJ November 12, 2007

    No. Someone can be a villain of circumstances.

    This is because I’ve been reading the Ramayan by Ashok Banker over the past couple of weeks/months. It’s imaginatively and beautifully written.
    I loved this quote by Ravan and so put it up :)

  7. vasudha November 19, 2007

    this is so very interesting,u know wat u r inspiring me to read ramayan…nice ya

  8. AJ November 19, 2007

    That is good. You should read it. It’s a great series :)

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