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It’s a Long Way to the Top

Why is it that a single win can elevate the India cricket team to new heights?

A loss in the next match and the same media will slam the team into the ground and then some more. While I agree that the win by the Indian cricket team was truly magnificent and the whole team performed as a unit and very admirably, labeling a single as redemption and a comeback is carrying it too far.

This match alone, as linked above has been called the greatest test win by India. Other reports claim that the “invincibility” of the Australian team has been shattered (not that I believed there was such a concept).

India’s ascendancy to the 2nd place in the world test rankings will further increase their arrogance, one that will be shattered both by the next loss and the overwhelming criticism that will be directed towards them due to the loss.

All this hype takes place every time India prepares for a tournament, or happens to complete an increasingly rare victory. While it is not bad to celebrate a win, it should also be tempered with humility and cautioned with not becoming complacent.

Slightly away from the topic, I found this article very well balanced and while not vitriolic, also points out the errors committed by the Australians in the infamous 2nd test in this series.

Breaking News: Benazir Bhutto Assasinated

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated between 7:30 Pm and 8:00 PM (Edit) ~6:15 PM (Thanks Priya) (Pakistan Standard Time) today. This is really bad news for Pakistan where she was one of the possible Prime Minister candidates. It is also bad news for India for it might unleash various reactions, both from her supporters here and from radical elements.

Benazir Bhutto was shot at and also attacked by a suicide bomber.

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It’s a presentation for a reason

One of my biggest pet peeves is people reading from a Powerpoint slideshow when giving a presentation.

The powerpoint slide show is to guide your audience about what YOU are presenting, speaking about. It should NOT convey all the information nor should it be YOUR (The speakers) guide or prompter.

Ideally, the speaker should “know” the topic and speak from his/her mind and allow the bullet points/diagrams to connect what you are talking about.

It is quite irritating that the speaker turns away from the audience to look at the screen to gather his/her thoughts or determine what to talk about next. For the love of the audience, stop referring to the screen and look at the audience when you are talking to them.


My blog feels neglected. And not without reason. I’ve barely posted recently. Though there has been a lot to write.

A combination of work, mental imbalance and guilt of not working on my applications has kept me away from typing out anything. Also, I want to make a lot more private posts to put my thoughts into words, but only for myself.

The blog itself is also neglected since the theme is fairly old and I’ve not changed it for a while. No idea if any of my plugins have been updated nor have I upgraded wordpress itself (though  this is partly because I am thinking of moving over to Habari. If only Habari were a little more stable. But I digress)
But the guilt of my apps does not let me. Once the apps are done….

There goes the neighbourhood

A new hypermarket (what is a hypermarket anyway?) or a shopping complex has been constructed right NEXT to my apartments. This is on a stretch of the road which is exceptionally prone to frequent and long traffic jams, on one of the busiest roads in Bangalore.

I am so dreading the opening of the place and even more of it being even moderately successful. The traffic to this part of the road will increase manifold and we get screwed in the process :(


Is the sun?
Is the light?
Is the clarity?


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